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About us

Sitape was founded in 1969, having been perfecting over the years in the provision of solutions according to each company. The company is specialized, in its field of environmental activity, in the development of solutions for air pollution control and for integrated solid urban waste. Partnerships established by Sitape allow you to extend its offer, valuing and enriching the experience gained over 4 decades, as well as its human and material resources. At present we are a company with proven experience and with numerous industrial gas emission treatment facilities. The company has its own production facilities in Portugal, ensuring customer follow-up throughout the entire process of solving its environmental problems and consequently increasing productivity.


Sitape integrates Vicaima Group, constituted under the Holding Vicaima Madeiras (SGPS) S.A., which forms a strong and cohesive group of companies, mostly dedicated to the transformation and distribution of wood and its derivatives, with significant synergies between them and advantages of profitability and competitiveness.

What do we do


SITAPE also offers to its customers industrial maintenance services, which can be carried out in two different ways (preventive and corrective maintenance) according to the Client’s needs and purposes:

We believe that technical assistance has clear and measurable advantages for the Customer, reducing effectively the costs of operation and infrastructure maintenance.

The maintenance contacts ensure the full operation of the equipment, following the highest quality standards. By performing high added value tasks, we ensure that the establishment of a maintenance contract is much more than a simple subcontracting, this is a strategic partnership that aims optimizing the use of the equipments, extend their lifespan and free our Client to the activities in which he is a specialist.

Sitape does: studies, projects, development, implementation, training and maintenance of its facilities, ensures compliance with standards for greater safety, designs solutions with superior performance according to legislation.


• Engineering Project • Pneumatic transportation • Industrial Aspiration • Ventilation • Metallic structures • Soundproofing • ATEX Systems Services: • Welding • Turning • Automation: • Electrical • Pneumatic • Hydraulic • Anticorrosive treatment • Surfaces treatments: • Stripping • Painting • CNC Cutting • Bending • Solutions and Services • Integrated System of Urban Solid Waste

Main products

SITAPE develops and produces filter units, components and systems for air purification equipments since 1985, dedicated to the aspiration, cleaning and separation of air. The company designs according to the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 environmental management system and the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system. The products find application in the areas of thermal cutting, painting, food, pharmaceutical, nuclear, mining, mechanics, wood, recycling, etc.

SITAPE also develops and produces integrated systems for urban solid waste, whether underground or surface.

The main product categories carried out by SITAPE are the following: suction systems for thermal cutting machines, welding smoke extraction equipment, sleeve filters, cartridge filters, oil mist filters, wet filters, activated carbon absorbers, filtering substations, storage silos, vacuum tables, extractors, rotary valves, acoustic insulated boxes, dry paint cabinets, pipelines and components, integrated systems for urban solid waste (underground and surface).


• Sleeve filters • Cartridge filters • Filters for oil mist • Scrubber / Wet Filters • Activated Carbon Filters • Cyclones • Silos • Vacuum cutting tables • Extractors, rotary and worm valves • Soundproof cabinets • Painting cabinets • Silencers • Piping • Equipments for solid urban waste

Quality policy

SITAPE intends to respond to the needs of the market with quality products and services in a sustainable way and that, whenever possible, reduce the customer’s ecological footprint. Make a continuous effort to understand its present and future needs, in order to exceed its expectations and increase its degree of satisfaction, ensuring compliance with applicable legal requirements.
It also aims to keep its employees satisfied in a healthy and motivating work environment.
The company defined objectives that underpin this policy that are monitored and reviewed in its own site, with the purpose of continuously improving the management system increasing its effectiveness.