Preventive and corrective maintenance

SITAPE offers industrial maintenance services which can be carried out in two different modalities according to the Customer necessity and purposes:

We believe that technical assistance has clear and measurable advantages for the Customer, effectively reducing the costs of operating and maintaining of the infrastructure.

The maintenance contracts ensure the full operation of the equipment, following the highest quality standards.

By performing tasks with high added value, we ensure that the establishment of a maintenance contract is much more than a simple subcontracting, being a strategic partnership, which aims to optimize the use of the equipment, extend its life and free our customer to the activities in which he is a specialist.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is performed after a fault has occurred and is intended to restore the productive capacity of an equipment or installation, that is with its ability of performing functions reduced or ceased.

Corrective maintenance is the technical activity responsible for correcting a fault identified in a particular component of an equipment or installation.

Preventive Maintenance

The preventive maintenance has as main objective the prevention of the occurrence of a fault of the equipment by breaking, as well as to support corrective maintenance services with the use of a periodic work methodology, or responsible for the set of analyzes that can interrupt or not a productive process in a planned and scheduled way.


– Reduce aging or degeneration of equipment;
– Improved technical operational status of the equipment;
– Acting before corrective interventions which generate high costs;
– Reduce risk of equipment failure;
– Perform the repairs in the best conditions for the operation;
– Schedule conservation work.